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One of these days, dear reader, if the moon is right, the planets align and you’re the lucky and privileged to acquire the appropriate rum and face charcuterie matching, you tell me how I spent cynical detractor of Havana a cynical old love of old Havana.

I bet you’ve already guessed what the dramatic core of this promised story … cherchez la femme …

She, you advance, had red, disheveled and smelling of sage and green eyes and a badass of those real and imaginary father mother.

And I know you stay thirsty, but waiting with payments due tariffs in the form of rums and agreed sausages, we will comply with the information concerning the present writing, this is all nostalgia and gifts I they were awarded in that previous life, one that I enjoy more pleasure I find in walk the streets of Old Havana at night. Those corners that I hope never amputee mystery to them, by the advent of efficient and aseptic LED lighting bulbs.

Old Havana with LED bulbs, dear reader, is like Greta Garbo in sports monkey tailored. Or like putting a Spanish dubbing to Penelope Cruz in Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona … functional and devoid of magic.

Fortunately even they suffer their shadows corner.

The only thing better than Old Havana, Havana Vieja is the rain and the tidal wave of sensations, wet ankles, hands that are gripping the hilt of the umbrella, L. dragged me, my sidekick and alter ego, a of these nights.

Supposedly the goal was to reward me for my good behavior. I, I always behave myself, I could not differentiate when I won and when not, but she seemed determined to pay the bill and … who am I to stop that train mulherão?

All that music she perches on heels and I, we danced Tejadillo street down to where Lis.

This is one of those houses, door to the street, tall, neoclassical and eclectic all rescued for modernity with their fortunes and misfortunes strut. For example the inner courtyard which placed a transparent acrylic cover by way of a skylight, to promote hermetizarlo and air conditioning. The problem with that acrylic is that it tends to crack with temperature changes of day and night and up to a couple of months after the inauguration, was a sieve that could disable the resulting room during rainy days. The good news is that if plants placed in appropriate places, can take advantage of the natural watering cans.

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The service, attentive but somewhat dislodged by rain, flit around us inside boudoir in which we stand, a little place aesthetically well designed although a tad tight for us long bone. The fact that L. was former professor of the University of half the staff did not contribute to their performance or welfare. The girls seemed in the middle of a test, a phenomenon which, incidentally, is already becoming common in our latest outings.

The menu card is presented, I must admit, with ease and daring. In it even at this point a couple of dark spots that I would like to clarify in an upcoming (not engaged) visit.

By this time we ordered a pitcher of sangria for 2 that despite our best efforts, was sufficient for the whole evening and I had wanted to ask came just to see how they ingeniarían to reach the tops in the immense cabinet ( they floor to ceiling) where they were placed.

From starters to share brought a tuna stuffed peppers which say that were it, stuffed peppers tuna. And nothing stuffed tuna can go wrong. That, dear reader, is an infallible fish. Also they landed on our table which was the star of the night: some horses octopus on guacamole and taro chips. It would take a week to describe the taste twitter, so I leave it for your visit. Highly recommended that octopus.

Entrees, steak tips to the Dutch and a fish fillet Mediterranean style (a term that across dozens of menus throughout the Villa, accompanies “chef style” in the difficult task of labeling “the it is that comes to mind “, almost always involving nuts), they came, saw, conquered and left without penalties or memorable epic glories. They were on the border of memory from which, a few weeks after consultation of the letter as required memento.


Restaurant & Bar Donde Lis

For desserts, a full service coffee (I am of the heretics who licks before a cortico red sweetened with honey) and that umbrellas waving above the streets back to those I love. It had cleared out before and the air had that crystal quality that cuts your breath, and the houses that we came out on top this rumor of human machinery. For a handful of blocks up the street and even Prado, we said nothing. Was not necessary to.

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